SomnoMed© MAS


The SomnoMed© MAS is a custom-made device, consisting of upper and lower dental plates with a unique patented fin-coupling component, which allows normal mouth opening and closing. Adjustment screws allow for mandibular advancement if needed to alleviate snoring. This feature provides incremental adjustments of the lower jaw advancements. This improves its effectiveness and comfort level.

                                                             Key features and benefits of the device include:

                                                                      > Permits normal mouth opening
                                                                      > Allows speech and drinking
                                                                      > Provides full lip-seal
                                                                      > Easily adjustable
                                                                      > Safe and effective
                                                                      > Clinically proven
                                                                      > Custom-fitted


Additionally, the SomnoMed© MAS is made from durable fade-proof acrylic that retains its shape and color.